Monday, March 22, 2010

Seared Foie Gras With Quince And Cranberry

Ash's new mixtape, Seared Foie Gras With Quince And Cranberry, drops tomorrow morning (or earlier this morning depending on when you read this). Download it with the link on his Twitter. He's been working with Skateboard P for the his album that we all hope drops sometime this summerish. Til then, munch on this little gem. Ash's Twitter.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day In The Life Of J.J. Redick

6:45 AM- Wake up

6:46 AM- Calls Coach K, just to check in

7:00 AM- Shower

7:15 AM- Launches towel into the hamper from much farther than needed, sinks it, whispers to himself, "I still got it".

8:00 AM- Drives to nearest breakfast joint in Orlando while blasting the Duke fight song with the windows down.

8:09 AM- Greeted by a chorus of boos in the diner. Smiles, nods, thinks to himself how he loves how Orlandoians yell, "Duuuuuuuuke" everywhere he goes.

9:00 AM- Calls Shane to check in.

9:02 AM- Calls "Booze" to check in.

9:03 AM- Calls Grant to check in. He doesn't answer, again.

9:05 AM- Lays by the pool for a few seconds of sun, being careful not to tan, Coach K taught us that it is a sign of weakness.

9:06 AM- Packs up gear to head to the Amway Arena while watching SportsCenter, wonders how Vince, Antawn, and Marvin are so good.

9:07 AM- Glances at the Duke coaches application that all basketball players get on senior night and wonders if the NBA was the right decision.

9:45 AM- Arrives at Amways Arena, Anthony Johnson is parked in his spot again, he shrugs at Redick and says, "Sorry rookie."

10:00 AM- Checks the All-Star weekend schedule, still not in the 3 point contest line up. Calls agent to ask why. No answer.

11:00 AM- After an intense stretching session, does defensive slides from elbow to elbow 3 times, slaps his palms on the ground, falls backwards and calls it a day on the defensive end. Dwight looks oddly at him as J.J. says, "Coach K always said my defense was underrated, you gotta work hard big man."

11:30 AM- Calls Dick Vitale to alert him not to cash this month's check, it might bounce.

12:00 PM- Dribbles 2 lengths of the court, mixing in a cross over at mid-court, calls it a day for ball handling.

1:00 PM- Starts his daily regiment of 333 3's from each spot around the arc.

3:00 PM- Free throws, 333, of course.

5:00 PM- Make A Wish Foundation child visits the Magic locker room. He walks straight over to Redick as J.J. asks if they're going to spend the rest of the day together. Kid looks at him, slaps him, walks away. Wish granted.

7:00 PM- Joins lay-up line with teammates, asks Matt Barnes, "Why do we do this, it's only worth 2? Maybe I should ask Coach Van Gundy." Barnes snickers and tells him to talk to coach.

7:58 PM- After a technical, J.J. starts to walk to the line. As Jameer toes the line, J.J. says, "I got this little guy." Jameer looks at Van Gundy, Van Gundy sighs and shakes his head. Redick cans it and absorbs the "Duuuuuuuke" cheers raining down on him.

8:30 PM- Wonders why he hasn't played more tonight, thinks, "Didn't coach see I was fouled on those 4 3s?" Debates whether or not he should remind Van Gundy that he is the most prolific scorer in ACC history.

9:00 PM- With the game tied and 3 seconds remaining, Van Gundy draws up a play for Rashard Lewis. During the explanation, J.J. asks if he's sure they don't need a 3, Van Gundy says, "Yeah, white boy, I'm sure."

9:01 PM- Lewis hits the shot, Magic win, Redick wildly waves towel on the bench.

9:10 PM- Surrounded by 2 reporters, Redick answers questions about the game and explains how instrumental he was in doing the "little things" in tonight's win.

9:30 PM- Showers, hopes Vince Carter's assistant doesn't steal his towel, again.

10:00 PM- Watches highlights on SportsCenter while getting dressed. Sees Cavs highlights of LeBron dropping 45, 10, and 12. Scoffs, looks at Barnes and says, "45? Yeah but he only went 3-11 from 3."

11:00 PM- Meets the guys at the club, argues with the bouncer stating that he is on the Magic, Dwight waves from inside.

11:30 PM- Gets into the club.

12:00 PM- Orders a Shirley Temple, looks at Dwight and says, "Let's get drunk!"

I Can't Help Myself

I have been flipping between the SEC championship and the ACC championship for the past half hour and since no one is here to complain to, I'll do it here. Dook is a number 1 seed this year, I get it, but they play the same stale style that will only get them an ACC title and nothing at the dance. Of the last 4 or 5 possessions, there offense has consisted of Singler slowly making a move, forcing a shot, missing, Zoubek awkwardly having it fumbled into his hands, kick it out to an open guy, make a 3. Sweet offense, just the way we drew it up. Even worse, after their last sequence like this, Dawkins made the 3 and was bombarded by the clones on the bench as they all ran over during a time out. Imagine the celebration that would ensue upon an athletic play or a well crafted offensive possession. Next, following the string of weird rebounds by Zoubek (half of which were poked loose at some point by a guard), the commentators said how Zoubek's size was having a big impact on Tech's game. Haha, he then got bitched on defense and gave up an and-1 and then had 2 potential rebounds poked loose by far smaller opponents. Derek Favors (freshman) just worked him, too. To conclude, Singler just tackled Dan Shulman while saving a ball and quickly jumped back into the play and continued on with the game. As a ref and a Tech player joked with Dicky V and Shulman to see if they were ok, Singler stood stone faced on the court thinking only of the mission at hand. Also, while I wrote this, Scheyer preformed about 13 to 14 head fakes.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Them Crooked Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures recently released their first studio album. This is Dave Grohl's new band, no naturally I'm into it. The other two guys in the group are Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme and Led Zepplin's John Paul Jones. Grohl's not the axe man in this group so it's not the Foo Fighter sound you may be expecting, nevertheless, scoop it up and listen.

How To Make It In America

So for the past few months, people in the blogosphere have been talking about how HBO's new show, Making It In America, was going to "star" Kid Cudi. Turns out, starring in a show means being in it for like 2 minutes every episode. The show is sick, so definitely check it out, just don't expect to see Mr. Solo Dolo very much.


Kid Cudi- Know Why

Big Sean feat. Mr Hudson- Way Out

Friday, February 26, 2010

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes Of All Time

Exactly what the title says. My favorites are at 1:46, 2:19, 3:13, 7:17, and 7:54. Enjoy.

MacGruber Trailer

MacGruber is funny for about 3 minutes on SNL so I don't know if an entire movie's worth of it will work but the trailer is funny. MacGruber!

A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything

Feel like you missed something since the beginning of time? Check out this funny synopsis of the last buhgillion years. Youstube.


Amazing video. The creator used a 4 hour timelapse piece of photography to create the lighting effects you see paired with the music. This is real stuff, not CGI or anything. Dig it.